Lab Portal        

The Lab portal is the central work area for the student scientist.  This is where the student will be guided through the scientific process.



To help the student get mentally ready for the experiment that will follow, the student will be presented with a presentation, question and/or activity to focus the their attention.    It is in this section that we aim to present the scientific concepts as evidence of God as the creator.  Anecdotal biographies and discoveries of history’s greatest scientific minds are blended with Biblical guidance and promises.​



In this section, the student is introduced to the questions for the lab, and asked to provide predictions or hypotheses on the outcome of the experiment.



This section provides an explanation and instructions for each experiment.  Approximately one third of all labs will be accomplished as hands-on experiences in the classroom or other real world environments.  The remaining two thirds of the labs will use interactive technologies to enable more diverse explorations.


After the lab is completed the students will be returned to the portal and are expected to record the results of their experiment.  Ribbons are awarded once a journal entry has been made. 



This is a knowledge check section where the students are given a series of multiple choice questions to check their understanding of the concepts learned in the lab.  Students may repeat quizzes as many times as necessary.  Badges area awarded once a student get 100% on the quiz.



Once a student get 100% of the quiz, the “Explore” feature is unlocked, and the student is invited to explore related topics or more advanced concepts within this same topic.

Sample Labs:
Portfolio of Lab