Created and Creator

We believe that true education involves connecting aspects of scientific study to a relationship with the one true God who is the designer, sustainer and the initiator of all that we are able to know. Students will be led to the God of unfathomable beauty and the complexity of creation in each and every lesson. In addition, students will be introduced to some of the world's greatest scientist who also believed in Intelligent Design. They each made significant advancements to the study and understanding of God's world and our place in it.

Awakening the Scientist

Students will be invited to question the world around them and make predictions as they explore each lab. Careful observation and reporting are all part of the steps built into the portal. All of the information recorded by the students reports to the teachers.  As the student completes each lesson, they are invited to explore deeper and deeper into each subject.  This level of independent exploration is what we hope will build a life on continual inquisitiveness and continual exploration.